Activism Through the Camera Lens

OLD NORTH — From images of barking dogs attacking protesters during the Civil Rights Movement in 1964 to activists  in the streets of Ferguson, the lens of the camera has always shined a spotlight on important issues in history.

The Griot Museum of Black History is exploring the role that photographers and their cameras play in activism in two ways. 

The North City museum is currently showing an exhibition of photographs by Eric Pan. Though his images, Pan captured the civil unrest following the “not guilty” verdicts of the two local police officers who were responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown Jr. and Anthony Lamar Smith. The exhibit also includes images by other photographers, memorabilia and video footage.  

And on Saturday, Oct. 6, a group of activists/photographers will gather to share how their image-taking has contributed to current social movements. The panelists include: Richard Reilly, Derrick Phillips, Robert Cohen, H.J. and Harmony Rogers, and Bassem Masri. The special event is open to the public and is part of the admission price for the museum.

For more information: http://www.thegriotmuseum.com.


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