Appreciating What We Have This Holiday

Jariah Mosley, a 7th-grade student at Lyon Academy at Blow, says her favorite time of year is during the holidays in winter. While she loves her math and science classes, she is excited to have some time off from balancing her busy schedule of school, cheerleading, and her after-school program at North Campus to celebrate Christmas with her family. 

“Every year, we set up a Christmas tree and make cookies. This year our tree is white with a snowflake on top and has gold, green, blue, and red ornaments,” Jariah says. 

Despite traditional decorations, Jariah’s family has a unique outlook on Christmas. According to Jariah, her mother has another nickname for December 25: “Children Appreciation Day.” 

“We call it Children Appreciation Day because they already have Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, and Grandparents’ Day, so we thought it should be Childrens’ Day,” she says. “My mom calls it that because she probably wants a day where her kids know how much they are appreciated for everything we do, like keeping our grades up and doing chores.”

While Jariah says all of the children in her house receive plenty of presents, she also notes her family places a lot of focus on giving gifts to others. “I appreciate my parents and give them gifts also,” says Jariah. “Then we go to my family’s house and give them gifts, too. We go to my granny’s house, my dad’s house, and my auntie’s house. We are almost like Santa going around and giving gifts.”

The College Hill resident explains other reasons she likes the winter season, like hoping for snow days so she can sled and play outside; spending time at home while school is off; and seeing the light display at the house a few blocks away. However, Jariah can’t help but to talk more about this year’s Christmas plans. 

This year, for Jariah, her appreciation expands beyond just her family. “I got my best friend a friendship necklace, because she always wanted one, and I can’t wait to see her open it. I love seeing people’s reactions to my gifts.” 

Jariah makes sure everyone in her life feels important during Christmas. ”I like giving presents to people, so they know I care about them and that I appreciate them. My family taught me that.”

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