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The SouthSider launching in January 2019

SOUTH SIDE—A new voice is coming to local media starting next year as the publisher of The NorthSider expands citywide with the launch of The SouthSider.

“There are communities in south St. Louis that have been ignored by local media in the same way we have in north St. Louis,” said publisher Antonio French. “Not every story is about crime and violence. There are lots of people doing fantastic things every day to make our city better. Those are the stories we want to tell.”

French also said he hopes by publishing The NorthSider and The SouthSider each week, he can help bridge the city’s divisions.

“People on the south side need to know about the positive things happening north of Delmar. And people on the north side need to know about the people, opportunities, and innovative things happening on the other side of town,” said French. “We hope to bring northsiders and southsiders together through knowledge and understanding.”

French, who was born and raised in north St. Louis, first began publishing The NorthSider in 2010 when he served on the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. It started with a small circulation and served as a community newsletter to tell positive news about his north St. Louis community. It wasn’t until this year that he began publishing the paper regularly, first monthly and then weekly starting in October. The paper is now distributed at over 200 locations across the city with a circulation of 15,000.

The SouthSider will be published every Tuesday, starting on January 8. Its circulation will be 30,000 copies per week. The NorthSider will continue to be published every Thursday. Its circulation will increase to 20,000 per week. Combined, the two papers will have the largest circulation of any weekly newspaper in St. Louis City.

“I’m excited about empowering a new generation of journalists to tell the stories that aren’t being told today,” said French. “It’s time St. Louisans stepped outside of our bubbles and start seeing how the other side lives.”

Staff is home to The NorthSider and The SouthSider weekly community newspapers. The SouthSider publishes 25,000 copies every Tuesday. The NorthSider publishes 25,000 copies every Thursday. They are distributed at over 600 locations across St. Louis.

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