Election Results: Reed wins, 2 new school board members elected

The results are in. As expected, President of the Board of Aldermen Lewis Reed has now officially won a fourth term after defeating Green Party candidate Jerome Bauer. And the elected public school board, still effectively powerless, will be getting two new members: Adam Layne and Tracee Miller.

A Special Administrative Board created by the state took control of the city schools after the district lost its accreditation in 2007 and became the Transitional School District of St. Louis. The elected board has been essentially powerless in the 12 years since. But after the district regained its accreditation, the board may get back its power back.

The district received provisional accreditation in 2012 and full accreditation in 2017. In February 2016, the State Board of Education voted to continue operation of the Transitional School District of St. Louis’ operation until June 30, 2019, under the control of the Special Administrative Board.


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