Claim Academy students take the hot seat in front of employers

It’s an unusual opportunity for a student walking out of any school.  Take what you have learned, apply it, and show off your new skill while someone you are hoping will give you a job is watching.

That’s just what happened recently for Claim Academy students in their Demo Days event, where recent grads of this coding “boot camp” got the chance to show off their stuff to would-be employers.

In this case, despite the stress of needing to perform, students feel as if they’ve got a bit of an advantage.  Jobs in the coding world are plentiful, and right now trained employees are not.

“It’s almost like it’s just our pick,” said Claudia Sittman, a student at Claim.  “Where do we want to go?  When people say the market is hot, it really is.  And they really need people.”

“This program is so important to the region because, No. 1, employers and companies, if they can’t find skill they’re not going to come here,” Claim Academy founder Ola Ayeni said.  “We have a template for talent, and that template has to be something, not for years to come, it has to be now.”

The Claim Academy boot camp lasts twelve weeks, and when students complete it, the school says they will be ready to “hit the ground running” as developers.

The academy recently received a boost, receiving approval from the Veterans Administration to receive funding under the GI Bill.  This could lead to a major enrollment increase among military veterans looking to enter the job market upon leaving the service.

For more information go to their website, here.

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