St. Louis Alderman Brandon Bosley arrested

St. Louis Alderman Brandon Bosley arrested

ST. LOUIS – Third Ward Alderman Brandon Bosley was arrested over the weekend.

A source with knowledge of the situation said Bosley had struck his daughter.  The arrest appears to be confirmed by a post Bosley put on his own Facebook page late Sunday.

“Discipline your children or they will become victims or suspects..just went to jail for it,” is what Bosley posted on his publicly visible Facebook account.

The Circuit Attorney’s Office said Friday afternoon that “the Bosley matter has been taken under advisement,” meaning that they could still bring charges but that it was not going to happen right away if they did.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department would not provide any additional details on the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

The NorthSider and attempted to reach Bosley via phone and text for more information, but our efforts to reach him were not successful as of late Monday evening.

His Facebook post launched a lengthy discussion in the comments section about child discipline, physical abuse and parenting, with well known community figures such as former Missouri Rep. Bruce Franks and 21st Ward Alderman John Collins-Muhammad weighing in.

“I hope we are talking holistic views and not just physical,” Franks said in a string of responses. “It’s a lot of people in jail and who are victims that got ‘disciplined.'”

Collins-Muhammad, who was recently arrested on charges involving outstanding warrants for traffic offenses, offered support.

“I know you and your kids. (You’re) a great dad fam.”

This story was updated to include information from the Circuit Attorney’s Office.