Frizz Fest celebrates natural hair, natural beauty

TOWER GROVE PARK – Despite the major heat wave lingering over the St. Louis area, visitors came out in record numbers to attend Frizz Fest at Tower Grove Park on Saturday. With hair types ranging from curly and coily, to wavy and straight, and loc’d and braided – there was no shortage of both men and women showcasing their natural beauty.

Frizz Fest aims to promote the importance of natural beauty and self-love through a network of women who positively influence one another. 

With more than a dozen local vendors promoting their own products, visitors had the opportunity to receive hair care tips and product samples, as well as watch demonstrations of curly and coily hairstyles.

While the event was sponsored by several large natural hair brands such as CURLS and Miss Jessie’s, Frizz Fest founder Leslie Hughes (aka Frizzy) says it’s about much more than that.

“This event is not about just natural hair,” Hughes said. “It’s about people embracing their natural beauty and loving themselves.”

Frizz Fest is just an extension of Hughes’ organization Frizzy by Nature, which promotes unconditional self-love. 

“In a society that conceals realness, it is important for women to love and appreciate who they are, while embracing and celebrating their uniqueness and natural beauty,” Frizzy wrote on her website.

As the temperatures continued to climb throughout the day, visitors took to the shaded areas of the event to picnic, snap Instagram-worthy photos, dance, and watch local performers. 

Aloha Misho, a hometown favorite, was not shy about being thankful to perform at Frizz Fest, opening her set with an “ode to the sun” as well as a tribute to natural hair, shouting “I love your hair” into the crowd.

With her colorful clothing and personality, Misho got the crowd to participate in her performance, and later sold ice cream from a neighborhood truck that made for a fun and on-brand persona.

Local Trap Yogi DJ Nico took time to teach free yoga onstage, and managed to keep the event flowing with soothing music that made the event feel like a Solange Knowles music video.

In past years, Frizz Fest drew in more than a thousand people, a sign that Frizzy’s message is well received in the area. 

“I’m glad to see people embracing who they are,” she said. “It’s good to see all the people coming out to show their support.”

Frizzy said she planned to keep the event going for years to come, hoping to continue inspiring women to love themselves, and maintain being “Frizzy and Free.”

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