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Cannabis club will offer education, wellness and entertainment

BENTON PARK WEST – If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a social cannabis experience in St. Louis, south St. Louis’ Cherokee Street may prove to be a green light for you.

The unique district is set to become home to Missouri’s first private social lounge for cannabis enthusiasts.

St. Louis native Brennan England is the owner of The Cola Private Social Lounge and founder of the St. Louis Cannabis Club.

Launched in November 2018 and not open to the public, “the St. Louis Cannabis Club is a member-driven network of cannabis experiences that focuses on education, wellness and entertainment,” England said.

Since the club’s launching, England has been working to build a healthy network of cannabis enthusiasts and educators.

The Cola Lounge serves as a physical manifestation of the member-driven network and will serve as a consumption lounge, entertainment and community space for medical cannabis patients.

“The idea is to give cannabis consumers, medical card holders, a safe and legal space to consume,” England said.

England is planning to transform the space at 2847 Cherokee St. into a business that is unlike anything the state of Missouri has ever seen.

“We have a series of events that we’ll be hosting here that are going to give medical card holders access to an immersive, experiential cannabis [experience] that we don’t really have an outlet for right now,” he said.

England said anyone interested in becoming a member could fill out an application online.

“One of the healing pieces of cannabis is how communal that the medicine is, and it does great things by itself, but just like any healing process it’s great in fellowship with other people,” England went on to say.

“It’s about education, wellness and entertainment, but it’s definitely also about safety. Those things, also, I think are synonymous with education. The more that people are educated, the easier it is for them to have safe experiences,” England said.

The St. Louis Cannabis Club will introduce its members to a series of exclusive events that cater to cannabis users.

The first of a long list of such events was Puff, Pass and Paint, a cannabis-friendly, all-inclusive art class that was held last month. 

On Aug. 3 and 4, members, all of whom are certified medical marijuana card holders, were able to paint and socialize while safely and legally consuming marijuana.

England plans to roll out several other initiatives such as Easy Dose It, Taste Buzz, High Score and Exhale.

Easy Dose It is an interactive, educational series coupled with product demonstrations, doctor talks and testimonials from patients who have experienced effective treatment.

Taste Buzz will introduce members to a culinary series that will feature highly acclaimed chefs as they whip up their best 420 inspired dishes.

High Score is a gamer series that will feature both relaxed and competitive gaming. Members will run competitions in addition to enjoying other board games.

The club will also roll out a health and wellness series titled Exhale. The cannabis-friendly yoga experience will integrate the ideas of mindfulness and body awareness into the cannabis experience.

England said the St. Louis Cannabis club would host an open house within the next few weeks that will give newcomers the chance to get a look at the space and learn more about the future of the organization.

Despite the fact that cannabis is not yet fully legal in Missouri, England hopes that his business will become a model for other places like it in the near future. 

“It’s going to have hopefully set a really good tone to create a really healthy cannabis culture that spreads across the entire state,” England said.

Given that there won’t be any cannabis sold on-site for consumption, England also hopes to create a space where people can be comfortable to communicate about what type of medicine works best for them.

“This is an area that’s enriched in a lot of minority business growth and so I feel like it’s an opportunity, if done mindfully, to give that already-blooming center some more fertilizer, give it some more growth.”

For more updates on the STL Cannabis Club, visit their website at cannabisclubstl.com or follow them on Instagram at @stl_cannabisclub or @thecolastl.

Bria Gremillion


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