Letter to the editor: Demolition in north St. Louis

Concerning Michael Allen’s column on city demolition policy, it should be noted that Allen helped prepare a 2017 consultant report for the Land Reutilization Authority that proposed demolition policies and practices. The report, titled St. Louis Land Bank Assessment, is posted on the St. Louis Development Corporation website,
The report set the stage for increased demolitions and recommends public-private partnerships like Jack Dorsey and Bill Putle’s Blight Authority. Better Family Life and the Regional Business Council have been demolishing LRA buildings since 2017.
The only measurable goal that matters is reduction in citizen complaints. It has been shown over the past 20 years that large tracts of vacant land will attract developers a lot quicker than blocks of vacant buildings.
I think Jack Dorsey and Bill Pulte should be commended.
– Bobby Gissendanner

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