Parson aide to be questioned about abortion license denial

JEFFERSON CITY (AP) — Gov. Mike Parson’s campaign manager will be questioned by lawyers representing Planned Parenthood about his involvement in a decision to deny a new license to Missouri’s only abortion provider. An administrative hearing commissioner ruled last week that attorneys can question Steele Shippy, who was Parson’s spokesman before becoming his campaign manager.

The Kansas City Star reports that Planned Parenthood argues Shippy’s testimony could provide information about why its clinic in St. Louis, at 4251 Forest Park Avenue, was denied a license to perform abortions.

The attorney general’s office contends the subpoena for Shippy was meant to harass the governor’s campaign manager because Planned Parenthood will probably support Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nicole Galloway. Parson is a Republican.

The state also argued Shippy had had no formal role in the license decision.

The governor’s office said lawyers were working to schedule Shippy’s deposition.

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