Letter to the editor: A council of elders could help raise, save children

I agree whole heartedly with St. Louis Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards, who was St. Louis’ chief juvenile court judge for a number of years. He said, “It is important that our children do not engage in risky behaviors. Out of the 13 killed, about eight were engaged in criminal behaviors themselves.”

I see the above as being factual, not putting down our young people. One of my major concerns is that many of us have relatives and friends who know their teenage young females and male THUGS are involved in illegal activities and don’t do anything about it.

Once they get MURDERED, here we go with candlelight vigils and in many instances saying she/he was such a great child. How hypocritical.

We as people of the human race and God’s children, especially the elders, have to come out of denial and come up with solutions so we can cut down on raising THUGS. I feel this will help us do a better job of saving our babies.

We need to set up a Council Of Elders in Metro St.Louis/East St. Louis.

– Bob “Brother Bob” Williams

Spokesman for the recently organized Metro St. Louis/East St. Louis Citizens For Solutions

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