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Airport drop-off procedure changes at Terminal 2

ST. LOUIS – Drivers dropping off passengers at St. Louis Lambert International Airport’s Terminal 2 have a new procedure to follow.

There are now two parallel lanes for drop-offs, instead of the former angled pull-through spots. The new procedure is one used at many other airports, and it boosts the number of parking spots to 40 from 19.

“The conversion to a traditional-style traffic pattern should improve the drop-off times for passengers, as it doubles the amount of space for vehicles and should reduce the amount of vehicles that typically wait for spots during peak travels times,” airport director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge said.

The airport has also widened the curb and made two ADA-compliant drop-off zones for passengers with disabilities.

The two lanes closest to the terminal are for both private vehicles and commercial shuttles to drop their passengers off. The two outer lanes are for driving but have designated entries into the drop-off area.

Terminal 2 serves primarily Southwest Airlines, the largest airline presence at Lambert.  The terminal served 4.7 million departing passengers in 2018, 23 percent more than in 2016, which saw 3.8 million departures.

The changes are only for Terminal 2.  Terminal 1 continues to use its angled, pull-through lanes for drop-offs.


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