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Krewson names 4 new nominees for freeholders board

CITY HALL – In a letter to Aldermanic President Lewis Reed and Fourth Ward Alderman Samuel Moore Tuesday morning, Mayor Lyda Krewson named four new nominees for the Board of Freeholders.

The nominees are Antonio French, Democrat; Dwin Evans, Democrat; JoAnn Williams, Democrat; and Jon-Pierre Mitchom, Independent.

Antonio French, a former alderman and north city resident, is the publisher of and the SouthSider and NorthSider newspapers. He said Tuesday via Twitter, “I look forward to the opportunity to work with the other city and county members to look for ways to improve our region for all citizens, regardless of race, class or geography.”

Krewson had announced Friday on Twitter that she was in the process of identifying four new people to nominate, after the Board of Aldermen declined to confirm the nine people on her original list.

She was responding to a letter she received Friday afternoon from Reed and Moore.

In the letter, the two cite the four appointees they want replaced: LaShana Lewis, a diversity and technology consultant; Abdul-Kaba Abdullah, a development firm official and a former Berkeley city manager; the Rev. Earl Nance, a pastor and activist; and Taunia Mason, a St. Louis Science Center manager and the wife of Circuit Judge David Mason.

Moore, chairman of the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, said that the committee would meet at Tuesday to discuss a compromise over appointees to the Board of Freeholders.

The city-county freeholders group, consisting of members from the city, the county and one person appointed by the governor, will take a year to discuss a potential relationship between the city and county, perhaps including a merger.

Black aldermen, including Moore, have said they want more representation than the one person – Abdullah – Krewson has named who lives north of Delmar Boulevard, where most black St. Louisans live.

This is a developing story. Check back later for updates.

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