Reed seeks more federal money to fight coronavirus

Reed seeks more federal money to fight coronavirus

CITY HALL – St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed wants Congress to provide more money for local governments’ efforts to deal with the coronavirus. 

“Emergency funding is only the first step in addressing the needs of our City with this evolving crisis,” Reed said in a news release. “Cities are working together across jurisdictional lines to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents. We need Congress to take action and help cities stabilize their communities during these unprecedented times.” 

Reed echoed the National League of Cities in appealing to Congress to provide $55 billion in additional money for municipalities. 

The league is asking for $35 billion in Community Development Block Grant funding for housing and to prevent homelessness. The funding would also provide emergency funding or credit to small businesses and help renovate public health infrastructure.

Also, the league wants $10 billion for people vulnerable to the coronavirus and $10 billion to rebuild affected industries such as tourism and manufacturing supply chains.   

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