Order halts numerous court actions here

Order halts numerous court actions here

ST. LOUIS – An order issued Friday bans court officials from a number of actions – including serving subpoenas on criminal actions, serving process on civil matters, extraditing people and evicting tenants – through April 19.

The order handed down by Rex. M. Burlison, presiding judge of St. Louis’ 22nd Judicial Circuit, noted that employees of the court civil process department come into close contact when they take those kinds of actions. That close contact is what causes the spread of COVID-19, he said. 

Burlison also wrote that it was not in the interest of public health to displace people from their residence at this time. 

It is imperative for the court to take action to protect health in the 22nd Circuit, Burlison wrote, including judicial officials, court employees, those with business before the court and the public. 

Burlison also noted that the Missouri Supreme Court had suspended all in-person proceedings in the appellate and circuit courts with recognized exceptions at least through April 3.

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