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City releases map of coronavirus by ZIP code

ST. LOUIS – The city has released a map of positive COVID-19 coronavirus cases by ZIP code as of April 1.

Mayor Lyda Krewson cautioned via Twitter: “Positive COVID-19 cases in St. Louis come in quickly, so we don’t always have all the info right away. But it’s clear this virus doesn’t discriminate against ZIP code, age, gender identity or race.”

“We need everyone to take this seriously,” she warned. “Stay home, save lives.”

Krewson and the Citizens’ Service Bureau – the customer service department for the city – both tweeted an appeal to residents to watch out for people or businesses that are flouting the social distancing guidelines.

The mayor wrote, “Know of a business or see someone not complying with our mandatory order limiting social gatherings & events to no more than 10 people?”

City officials and the Department of Health want to know, she told residents.

“Contact the Citizens’ Service Bureau at (314) 622-4800 or @stlcsb. Then, go wash your hands.”

The Citizens’ Service Bureau said: “Hi City of STL! If you notice any people or businesses not abiding by the City’s Order, please let us know. We are happy to assist by entering a request for you. Please stay safe and remember to wash your hands and surfaces frequently. And stay at least 6 feet apart.”

The Bureau needs to know as accurately as possible exactly what is going on, and street address where the problem is happening.

The more accurate the information provided to city officials, the more accurately they can deal with it, they said.

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