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History Museum wants public’s stories of the pandemic

ST. LOUIS – “History never stops, even during a pandemic.”

That’s the latest rallying cry of the Missouri History Museum as it asks the public to help compile what is sure to be a compelling future exhibit about the great coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

The museum wants your stories, photos and videos about how you’re dealing with the effects of the pandemic.

Have you or a loved one been ill? Did you lose your job? Are you at home wrestling with young children or teenagers, trying to homeschool and perhaps work remotely at the same time? Do you worry about elderly relatives and friends? Are you enjoying the forced leisure of time and space to be alone with nature or to get closer to the other people you live with?

Somber or silly – and especially silly – the museum wants to hear about it.

Curators will collect the stories, and later they’ll choose which should be used when, eventually, the coronavirus pandemic recedes into history.

To submit your story, go to the Stories of the Pandemic digital archive at
#COVID19storiesSTL #StoriesofthePandemicSTL

The museum’s staff said in a statement on Facebook: “We’re living through historic and overwhelming times. At moments like this — when all news can feel like bad news — it’s important to take a break from daily events and find space for things that bring you joy. That’s why we’re turning to St. Louis history. Our community’s past is filled with inspiring heroes, one-of-a-kind places, and heartwarming moments.”

The Missouri Historical Society is sharing a positive story from St. Louis history every day.

“These stories show how strong, distinctive, and resilient St. Louis has always been, and we hope #UpliftingSTL will give you a daily boost,” it said.

The museum has put together a video showing scenes around the city as we all work to keep St. Louis strong. This and other videos can be watched on the museum’s Facebook page.

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