Enterprise lays off more than 2,000 employees

CLAYTON (AP) — Rental car company Enterprise Holdings has laid off more 2,000 employees after seeing a dramatic drop in business during the coronavirus pandemic, the state of Missouri reported on its website Wednesday.

The company expected the coronavirus shutdown to last about a month according to a letter sent to the state to warn about the layoffs, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Enterprise said the layoffs were necessary because of the extension of some local shutdowns and recent extension of federal guidelines on social distancing. Some layoffs began March 23; others will begin Thursday.

Enterprise announced last week that it was laying off some employees but had not disclosed the number. It announced furloughs in late March.

The layoffs will affect Missouri employees in several jobs and locations, including at company headquarters in Clayton.

The job reductions come after Enterprise had already limited the use of third-party contractors, stopped all hiring, reduced hours for part-time staff and adjusted pay for senior executives and other employees.

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