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Catholic Masses get OK to resume May 18

ST. LOUIS – Area Catholics will soon be able to attend Mass at church again. Archbishop Robert Carlson has said in a statement that parishes will be allowed to reopen Masses to the public on May 18, but each parish can pick its own date after that.

The archdiocese is encouraging parishes that have been live-streaming Masses during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to continue, so parishioners who are leery of attending in person can still participate. A full list of live-streaming Masses is on the archdiocese’s website at

The general dispensation from Sunday Mass will continue until further notice, Carlson said.

“I am filled with the joy of this Easter season to be able to once again reunite our faithful in the celebration of public Masses, centered around the Eucharist given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ,” he said in his statement. “I am grateful to our priests, deacons and all parish staffs for working closely with me and archdiocesan leadership to continue to guide parish communities in their faith journeys, while prudently following all protocols to keep God’s people safe and healthy.”

He promised to give parishes next week a detailed policy on how the public celebration of Mass should observe social distancing guidelines. The archdiocese will also give many parishes personal protection supplies.

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