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Part of old Lemp Brewery collapses; no one hurt

MARINE VILLA (AP) — A six-story brick building that was part of the old Lemp Brewery complex built more than 150 years ago collapsed Sunday; no one was injured.

Caution tape had been put up around the building at 3500 Lemp Avenue last week after the St. Louis Bicycle Works nonprofit that was using the building reported sections of loose bricks had popped out from the wall. At least 700 bicycles stored in the building by the group, which gives away free bikes, were damaged or destroyed in the collapse.

“It’s just fortunate no cars were driving by or no people walking by or anyone in the building. I don’t think anyone would have imagined a whole wall would come down,” said Alderman Dan Guenther, who represents the area.

The building was part of the Lemp Brewery complex of 29 buildings situated about three miles southwest of downtown St. Louis. That brewery was established in 1840 and was once one of the nation’s largest breweries around the turn of the 20th century. Parts of several buildings in the complex are rented out for artists studios, offices and other purposes.

Building owner Shashi Palaman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he believed storm damage in April and July had contributed to the collapse.

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