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Krewson temporarily moves after protests at home

ST. LOUIS (AP) — St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and her husband have temporarily moved out of their home after it became the site of several protests in recent months.

Krewson confirmed on Wednesday that the couple had not lived in their home for two months and had relocated to an apartment.

“We did it to deescalate the situation, to save police resources, and importantly because our neighbors were being disturbed and threatened,” Krewson said in a text message to a reporter, adding, “I ran for this job — my neighbors did not.”

The couple are paying for their alternative home with their own funds, she said.

Protests were held at her home several times in late June and early July, with the last time in early August.

Mayors around the country have contended with demonstrations at their homes since social justice protests began after the death in May of George Floyd, who is Black, while in police custody in Minneapolis.

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