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Public’s ideas sought for Fairground, Forest park greenways

ST. LOUIS – Great Rivers Greenway is asking the public to weigh in with ideas about two parts of a new route it’s planning in St. Louis. The route is called the Brickline Greenway – renamed from the original Chouteau Greenway.

“We need your feedback to help shape the look, feel and experience for two segments of the Brickline Greenway,” the group says in a statement on its website and in social media appeals. “The information collected will be shared with the design team to guide the preliminary design process.”

The survey can be accessed at Great Rivers Greenway’s website or at SurveyMonkey and takes only minutes to complete.

The two segments in question will connect Fairground Park and Forest Park with the larger system of greenways already available or in the making. The two new pieces “include routes to St. Louis’ most treasured places, creating inspiring experiences and equitable opportunities for growth,” Great Rivers says.

Great Rivers Greenway is a public agency set up to connect the St. Louis region by means of trails and paths linking St. Louis, St. Louis County and St. Charles County.

“Greenways encourage active lifestyles and connect people to their rivers, parks and communities,” the group says. Its motto is, “Live life outside.”

The group hopes to get a feel for how people now use the areas and how the greenway can make them more useful and enjoyable. Questions include what time of day a person usually goes to an area, and for what purpose; what amenities would be most helpful; what concerns might arise; and how the greenway might improve the specific neighborhoods it connects, and the region as a whole.

“Please share this link with others who would like to give input on the Brickline Greenway,” the agency asks.

The survey will be open through Sept. 25.

June Heath


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