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Arch will go dark at night to help birds fly south safely

The National Park Service has announced that it will not illuminate the Gateway Arch at night starting Friday and running through Sept. 30, to give migrating birds a break from the bright lights.

“This time of the year, it is very common to see our feathered friends flying south for the winter,” said Pam Sanfilippo, Chief of Museum Services and Interpretation at Gateway Arch National Park. “Every bird migration season, we turn off the upward lighting on the Gateway Arch’s exterior to avoid the possible disorienting effect on birds that migrate at night.”

The exterior lights will be turned back on beginning Oct. 1, and the monument will be lit nightly thereafter.

Sometimes, colored lights are shined on the monument to honor significant current or historical events. On Aug. 28, for instance, purple and gold lighting marked the 100th anniversary of the vote through which women gained the right to vote.


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