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Most evictions are halted through Nov. 6

CITY HALL – Evictions in the city have now been frozen through Nov. 6 because of the uptick in COVID-19 coronavirus cases. Presiding Judge Rex Burlison of the 22nd Missouri Judicial Circuit Court issued the order Friday.

Judge Rex Burlison
Burlison cited advice from health experts at agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Senior Services, saying that “evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic create a public health crisis.”

Mayor Lyda Krewson reacted via Twitter: “This just in! The 22nd Judicial Circuit has extended its moratorium on evictions in the City of St. Louis, with a few exceptions, through November 6 due to #COVID19.

“Meantime, my Administration continues to work swiftly with many providers like United Way of Greater St. Louis to invest $7.4 million in #CARESAct rental/mortgage assistance toward keeping people and families in their homes.”

However, not all evictions are being halted. Burlison noted that evictions should be “expedited” for people who have received judgments for such illegal activities as drug possession.
Reasons for eviction include criminal activity on the premises; threatening the health or safety of other residents; damaging – or threatening to damage – property there; violating rules such as a building code or health ordinance; or violating any other “contractual obligation” other than failing to pay rent on time.
Evictions of commercial properties will also be allowed if the plaintiffs have received judgments for their possession.

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