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911 callers will find better procedures, police say

ST. LOUIS – People who call 911 in the city will find a few changes to the system as of Wednesday, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department says.

Any 911 calls will get higher priority than before. Also, every call will show up on a large monitor in the call center, with the status of each call displayed, so supervisors can check in real time and see how each call is being handled.

Non-emergency calls will be answered by a call taker, who will send the caller to a menu of choices including Parking Enforcement, the Citizens Service Bureau and the Justice Center, with a final option to return to the call taker. Eventually, such calls will be set up to go automatically to the menu, including the final choice of speaking with a call taker.

If a caller hangs up before the call is answered, the system will automatically call that number back with three options: Press 1 if the caller still has an emergency, in which case the call will be put back through for a 911 operator; Press 2 if the call was in error; Press 3 if the problem was resolved and services aren’t needed.

When the 911 center gets a high volume of calls, supervisors can now limit the call center to only 911 calls, suspending response to the information, non-emergency and alarm lines.


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