Parson plans special funding cycle to aid youth

JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Mike Parson is offering more aid for young Missourians.

Parson has announced a special cycle of the Department of Economic Development’s Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) and Youth Opportunities Program (YOP), making $21.8 million available to help nonprofit organizations and other entities that provide services to at-risk youth.

“Missouri nonprofits have been a lifeline for many Missourians throughout the COVID-19 crisis, providing critical services during times of uncertainty,” Parson said Thursday in a statement. “This program will help ensure that these organizations can continue providing Missouri’s at risk-youth with the support and resources they need throughout the recovery process.”

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on mental health for everyone, including children. These organizations provide resources and services that help children deal with the added anxiety and stress of the pandemic.

Up to $8 million of NAP tax credits and $6 million of YOP tax credits will be reserved for nonprofits and other groups. Additional NAP and YOP credits are also available for groups including faith-based organizations, Missouri businesses, local governments, and schools that provide job training programs and services directly resulting in crime prevention.

Missouri Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon explained that NAP and YOP are contribution tax credit programs. Approved applicants are awarded state tax credits to help attract donors to fund the projects.

The application cycle for the NAP/YOP Special Cycle is March 31 to April 22. There will be an application workshop on April 1 at 2:00 p.m. to answer applicant questions and help fill out required documentation. 
Click here to register for the workshop. To learn more about the NAP/YOP Special Cycle, click here.

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