St. Louis City School Board

David L. Jackson Jr.

Age:  64

Neighborhood: Walnut Park

Occupation: Semi-retired Business Consultant
Political experience: None, with the exception of being a Public School Board Member during March 2007 – April 2015

Your take on opening schools during COVID-19:  I do not support opening any public school until assured precautions are met in ensuring students, staff and teachers are safe from contracting Covid-19 and a strategic plan is in place, for the immediate action of addressing a possible detection of the virus.

Your take on the use and closure of existing school properties:  I understand it is costly to keep a school open if the enrollment of the building is drastically low, however there should be a plan to address re-configuring the school and what happens to the property after closure. I suggested to the Special Administrative Board in 2016, the SLPS should consider joining in partnership with any developer who wanted to purchase the property. This scenario would effect two things; 1) assist the developer with the enormous cost of the property and 2) give the district another annual and ongoing funding source. In addition, the district needs to board the property up accordingly, reduce the utilities and remove all materials from inside of building to a storage warehouse.
Your take on reducing crime and violence in the school system: My understanding is, currently there is no immense crime and violence issues in the SLPS. However, to address this issue we must have daily notifications and educational programs to students, parents and staff, of any and all concerns the district has on any incidents of such. We must act swiftly and pointedly if any incident arises and deal with the issue head on and accordingly.
Your take on ending inequity within the school district: Tough question and issue. I don’t believe we can address this issue currently on our own. It will take a lot of effort and advocating of our elected officials in Jefferson City to assist with this most needed endeavor. Educating our parents and tax payers will also be needed. Until then, we must do everything in our power to direct most of our funding directly into our classrooms.

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