St. Louis City School Board

J.L. Mendoza-Quinones

Age: no reply

Neighborhood: Walnut Park

Occupation: Chaplain/Education Advocate

Political experience: None

Your take on opening schools during COVID-19: I think there should be a plan that follows the guidelines of the CDC for opening schools. Safety and social distancing should be key focal points.

Your take on the use and closure of existing school properties: I think that the buildings should be used as repurposed buildings, that can be utilized with a partnership with the neighborhood associations.

Your take on reducing crime and violence in the school system: It is vital to focus on community schooling and programs that once played a role in helping to engage the students within the district. We need to return to these types of programs.

Your take on ending inequity within the school district: We must not continue to focus on the racial divide of the city, and must work in unity to combat the bias atmosphere that has plagued our district continuously.

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