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WARD 13: Beth Murphy

Age: No reply

Neighborhood: Bevo/Holly Hills

Occupation: Alderwoman

Political experience: 13th Ward Democratic Committee Woman (1996-2014); 13th Ward Alderwoman (2014-present)

Your take on crime: I am opposed to defunding the police if that means cutting the police budget. 13th Ward residents want to see more police, especially in the area of traffic control. I have supported that position as a member of the aldermanic budget committee and will continue to do so. I am supportive of exploring alternative methods of dealing with some duties now handled by police. I’m a supporter of the Behavioral Health and Cops and Clinicians program that empowers soical workers to respond to the homeless and other populations thereby freeing up police officers to address real crimes. I believe in addressing root causes of poverty, unemployment, the breeeding grounds of criminal activity. I co-sponsored the Cure Violence Bill establishing a program in St. Louis that has helped to lower crime inother US cities. Behavioral modification programs and an effective police departmentwill reduce rime. I pledge to support both.

Your take on city finances: I am an experienced hand in City finances serving as a member of the Ways and Means Committee for 6 years. Working on the City budget each spring has given me a clear understanding how to evaluate spending proposals. During my tenure we have been able to balance the budget each year, maintain essential City services, and expand programs aimed at fighting crime as well as initiate programs that address the root causes of crime. The pandemic has hit City revenues hard and the Ways and Means Committee will have its work cut out for it this Spring. I will provide an experienced voice on the City budget if you elect me in April.

Your take on the city’s COVID-19 response: Overall the City’s response to Covid-19 was swift and appropriate. We acquired and distributed personal protective equipment quickly as possible. However, federal relief funds had to go through the state which caused some delays. The Mayor made some tough decisions that curtailed business activity but helped limit the transmission of the disease, reduced hospital admissions and saved lives. As a member of the Special Covid-19 Committee, I sponsored the bill that authorized city agencies to spend $88 million in additional federal aid. Included are up to $75 million in health funds, $9.4 million in additional money to help low-income people cover rent and utility bills and $4 million to do the same for water and sewer bills.  

Where do you place yourself on the political spectrum? – Progressive, moderate, conservative, liberal? I am a fiscal moderate and liberal on social issues. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, I fought to keep a balanced budget and to maintain a $20M emergency reserve fund on hand to cover unanticipated crises and revenue drops. The impact of Covid proves how important that reserve remains intact. I’m a long standing member of Planned Parenthood and have been a leader on women’s issues. Finally, I sponsored and won passage of the bill which extends protection to the LGBTQ community as well as the other protective classes.

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