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WARD 15: Jennifer Florida

Age: 59

Neighborhood: Tower Grove South, 3 Blocks Tower Grove East

Occupation: Realtor

Political experience: I served as 15th Ward Alderwoman from 2001 to 2014, as appointed Recorder of Deeds, 2014 

Your take on crime: Reducing crime, implementing a comprehensive, community-based public safety plan is critical to the health of our city and neighborhoods. Cure Violence, Cops and Clinicians are important programs. I would work to improve access to much-needed social services: mental health and addiction, including wraparound services in SLPS. I would work to improve community connection to St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, strengthen 21st-century police training and technology.

Your take on city finances: I served for many years as vice chair of the Budget Committee, Ways and Means. Our city finances are fragile. We need access to all our resources/funds, including parking funds. Implementing Coronavirus Recovery Relief would be a priority and relieve some of the stress. Investing resources in people, job training, recovery will over time improve our city finances. I would encourage that the city aggressively pursue grants and leverage our funds when possible.

Your take on the city’s COVID-19 response: We are in a phase attempting to get our STL population vaccinated. Gov. Parson chose to distribute the vaccine to less populated regions of our state. Getting teachers vaccinated, working with St. Louis County to get the region vaccinated is a priority.

Where do you place yourself on the political spectrum? – Progressive, moderate, conservative, liberal? Progressive, Pragmatic Democrat

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