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WARD 17: Michelle Sherod

Age: 59

Neighborhood: Botanical Heights

Occupation: Business owner

Political experience:  Ran the office for the State Auditor & her STL Regional U.S. Senate Office

Your take on crime: We all have a right to live in safe neighborhoods; to have highly trained police officers respond quickly whenever we need help, while respecting the rights of all people. We must do all that is necessary to stop the plague of murders, violence, petty crimes, save lives and reclaim the reputation of our city.  As Alderwoman, I will work to support expansion/funding for “Clinician and Cops,” support and increase funding for Cure Violence, if it shows success, increase neighborhood policing while demanding police accountability. We must address the root causes of crime from housing, education job training, jobs, health care.  In addition, we must work to provide services to citizens released from incarceration (and their families).  I will work with our Neighborhood Associations, residents, businesses, and schools, to address concerns.

Your take on city finances:  As a certified public accountant, I recognize the need to be transparent and accountable in how we equitably spend our tax dollars. I support Prop E, which authorizes the continuation of our earning tax.  This tax provides for over 1/3 of our budget. With over $500M in federal stimulus dollars coming to St. Louis city, it is imperative that we have a recovery plan for the entire city to build an economy that works for everyone.  These dollars will give us an opportunity to address some of the systemic inequities that have plagued our community, from providing resources for the homeless, affordable housing, funding for homeowners who need help with repairs, small business struggling to stay in business, job training and replacing revenue lost during the COVID-19 crisis.

Your take on the city’s COVID-19 response:  The ability for the city to respond was hampered at both the federal and state level. The coronavirus exposed the inequities in our health care delivery system, transportation, housing, education, and access to food.  As many of our citizens are frontline workers, the initial failures to protect the workers with PPEs, then lack of access to testing and now lack of access to the vaccine, requires an analysis of what processes need to be put in place for our City to be prepared to deal with a crisis situation, and a plan put in place. Communication methodologies need to be assessed.  Not everyone has a computer or access to a smart phone.  Mass vaccination sites or mobile units must be in locations that make it convenient for everyone to get vaccinated.  Federal dollars will be available to help get the word out, the community educated on the safety of the vaccination and the need to get vaccinated as well as making it easier for our residents to get vaccinated.

Where do you place yourself on the political spectrum? – Progressive, moderate, conservative, liberal?  Progressive moderate.

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