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WARD 21: John Collins Muhammad Jr.

Age: 29

Neighborhood: O’Fallon

Occupation: Alderman, 21st Ward

Political experience: Alderman, 21st Ward – elected 2017

Your take on crime: Crime is the single most important issue facing residents in our city. It’s out of control, and we need to aggressively address it now. We need real crime driven data. We need to focus on the neighborhoods with high crime rates, and we must reorganize our police department to make it more efficient. That’s why in the Board of Aldermen, I introduced legislation to reorganize the department and its various divisions and districts. We must rebuild police and community relations. That’s why in the Board of Aldermen, I sponsored police reform legislation, establishing a use of force policy for officers, and as a member of the Public Safety Committee, I was a leading advocate on allocating funds for police body cameras.

Your take on city finances: We must have a balanced budget while holding the line on taxes. We need a budget that reflects the growing demand of our city, and its residents as it relates to funding critical city services. We have to grow our city’s local economy, expand economic opportunities and add new jobs to our city, both public and private sectors, that will have an positive impact on our city’s finances and our city’s future.

Your take on the city’s COVID-19 response: COVID is a serious epidemic. The city responded to the epidemic with genuine care and authority. Our numbers are decreasing. Our communities for the most part of taking caution and practicing social distances, and our small businesses, who were impacted the hardest, are on the verge of recovering. During COVID, the city responded with a sense of responsibility. Now before COVID, the city was lacking, and this is why – North St. Louis has always been on the back burner of the minds of government officials, the back burner of the minds as it pertains to public access and public epidemics like we are experiencing now with COVID.

Where do you place yourself on the political spectrum? – Progressive, moderate, conservative, liberal? If I had to answer, I would consider myself a Moderate Liberal.

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