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WARD 27: Pamela Boyd

Age: 68

Neighborhood: Walnut Park, North Pointe, Baden, Mark Twain

Occupation: Certified Dietary Manager

Political experience: Committeewoman, 8 years; Alderwoman, 4

Your take on crime: Crime has to be looked at as a wrap-around service to prevent it within the communities that are invested. We must address issues as a whole to slow down and or prevent. Some people who have been invested in the lifestyle cannot be safe, and some will be able to turn their lives around. But it will take resources and tools to improve communities.

Your take on city finances: As a taxpayer first I have learned a lot since holding the Aldermanic seat. I do see a disconnect in regards to our city has the dollars needed due to misappropriation of dollars and do see where the city should be run more like a business and ensure all departments are audited and held accountable.

Your take on the city’s COVID-19 response: Due to the fact that no one had ever experienced a pandemic, I was done the best under the circumstances.

 Where do you place yourself on the political spectrum? – Progressive, moderate, conservative, liberal? I put myself as a moderate /progressive 

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