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Cardinals can fill Busch Stadium as of June 14

DOWNTOWN (AP) — The Cardinals will return to full capacity at Busch Stadium starting with a June 14 game against Miami.

St. Louis dropped its mask requirement for fully vaccinated fans on May 14. The Cardinals will continue to have limited seating in pods for home games through June 9.

Only Texas among the 30 major league teams began this season at 100% after fans weren’t permitted last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Atlanta went to full capacity on May 7.

Others making the move in-season are Arizona (May 25), Cincinnati (June 2). Washington (June 11), Philadelphia (June 12), Milwaukee (June 25) and Minnesota (July 5).

In addition, the New York Yankees and Mets are allowed by New York State to go to 100% capacity starting Wednesday, but only for sections with vaccinated fans.

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