Opinion: The case against Gardner reeks of racism, sexism

​As a distant observer of St. Louis politics, I find it very disturbing that the charges filed against St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner to have her law license taken have not been summarily dismissed by the “powers that be.”

But such a righteous decision flies in the face of today’s reality, because ​of the current atmosphere of racism and sexism that is pervasive in this brazen attempt to both discredit and disbar Ms. Gardner.

Why do I say racism and sexism? It is obvious to all to see that here you have a Black female who had the audacity to file charges against the Republican Governor/Golden Boy of that time, Eric Greitens ,who was alleged to have violated the rights of a white female.

Eventually, Greitens had to resign. However, this bold move by Ms. Gardner was too much for the good old boys in Greitens’ camp. So, similar to the past history of this country, a legal lynch mob of powerful white men was established to put this Black woman in her place.

Adding salt to the wounded egos of these white men, Ms. Gardner has been very serious about implementing progressive changes in the Circuit Attorney’s office, including a diversion program and an exclusionary policy toward unprofessional and outright dirty police officers (the majority being white men).

So here we have an uppity Black female who must be taught a lesson; and in the process of attacking her, the democratic rights of St. Louis voters are being assailed, because she was overwhelmingly re-elected, with over 70% of the votes. In addition, nearly $800,000.00 of the taxpayer’s monies have been spent in the “good old boys” vendetta against Ms. Gardner.

Finally, in response to their efforts to destroy Ms. Gardner by basing their case on the Brady Rule, which requires prosecutors to disclose any evidence to a defendant with regards to innocence or guilt, witness or sentencing; I must quote Bennett Gershman, a leading national expert on prosecutorial ethics issues and a former Manhattan District Attorney.

In an interview with a local media outlet regarding Ms. Gardner’s case, Mr. Gershman stated that “the matters they are talking about are peripheral, marginal, attenuated, trivial. There’s nothing central to the case. I haven’t seen anything she did that violated the Brady Rule or any other rules.”

Accordingly, I repeat, the case against Kim Gardner has the stench of racism and sexism!!!

Ziah Reddick, St. Louis

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