Opinion: A reflection on the deflection used on Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner

In the course of following national and local politics, I have concluded that St. Louis has gone out of its way to align itself with the Washington, D.C., outsider playbook for unprecedented deflection tactics that the entire world witnessed over the past four years.  These playbook tactics were the weapons used to declare war on Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner from all levels of government.  Ms. Gardner just happens to be a stalwart, judicious, and fearless Black female who has been unrelenting in her commitment advocating for truth and justice. 

One such commitment occurred in 2018 when Ms. Gardner initiated an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct committed by the Missouri governor. After the investigation was completed, Ms. Gardner’s office released a statement reading, “Despite several investigations attempting to uncover illegal wrong doing by her office in this case, none has ever been found.”  The governor was neither tried nor convicted.

The matter should have ended; however, the disgraced governor’s embarrassment and ego provoked him to instigate even more attacks on Ms. Gardner and the racial and sexually biased torment and retaliation continued.  These attacks manifested to the appointment of a special prosecutor to tear Ms. Gardner down. The special prosecutor spent over $800,000 in efforts to squeeze illegal water out of a legal turnip, thankfully to no avail. 

This begs the question of how strongly did the special prosecutor sincerely believe the guilt of Ms. Gardner?  Could it be that the innocence of Ms. Gardner revealed itself in the tea leaves beforehand?  

If this theory were plausible, it would explain why the special prosecutor made such a jolting decision last month to file a motion to withdraw from the case. The special prosecutor’s arrogance is beyond the pale in his lack of accountability to the public.  The only, shameful explanation he offered was, “We have other pressing matters currently scheduled in the coming months and they all need substantial attention.”

A local media outlet quoted Professor Bennett Gershman, a leading national expert on prosecutorial ethics issues, as saying, “I don’t know of another case in which a special prosecutor who was assigned to prosecute a case, investigated the case and obtained an indictment against the defendant, and then withdraw from the prosecution of that case”.

The reflection in this deflection should break every mirror.

— Cookie Jackson, St. Louis

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