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Take recycling to drop-off sites, city asks residents

ST. LOUIS – The city is asking people to gather up their recyclable items and take them to collection sites, instead of putting them in the usual bins outside buildings and in alleys. There simply aren’t enough workers to pick everything up, and trash pickup takes priority.

The city’s Refuse Division suggests that people take their items to one or more of nearly 30 drop-off sites; a full list of recycling locations, as well as hours and availability, can be found here.

Meanwhile, the city continues to encourage people to apply for a variety of positions, including in the Refuse division.

“The Refuse Division is taking every action to make sure residents have their trash picked up in a timely manner,” Refuse Commissioner Todd Waelterman said. He assured residents that the division was trying to fill the vacant positions and asked for their help “until this long-standing shortage is resolved.”

Refuse driver positions are union jobs with competitive salary and benefits. Benefits include city health care plans, a pension, and a one-time bonus of $1,500 after the work testing period. City employees who successfully refer an applicant to become a refuse driver can receive a $500 referral bonus. Drivers require a commercial drivers license permit, and Refuse will complete training of new hires for their full license. 

St. Louis is looking to hire for more than 100 different vacant positions across departments. All positions begin at $15 an hour with competitive benefits. 

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