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City offers $3,000 hiring incentive for refuse workers

ST. LOUIS – The city is so desperate for people willing to drive the trucks that pick up residents’ trash, recycling and yard waste that it’s offering $3,000 to lure new such workers.

The Refuse Division has been hurting for staff, especially since a hiring freeze was in place earlier this year. That freeze was lifted in May, but too few people have applied for vacant positions.

So the city decided to up the ante. Applicants who meet the qualifications for Heavy Equipment Operator II will be offered $3,000 when they begin work at the Refuse Division. 

“This $3,000 hiring incentive is a great opportunity for individuals looking for good work with the City of St. Louis,” Refuse Commissioner Todd Waelterman said in a statement. “The City continues to work aggressively to fill vacancies and deliver services to residents.” 

Any current city employee who refers someone who then gets hired for a Refuse job will get a one-time $1,000 bonus.

The city continues its push to fill more than 100 civil service jobs, all of which start at $15 an hour. Applicants can apply online at or call the Department of Personnel at 314-622-4308 for more information.

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