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Several inmates hurt in newest disturbance at Justice Center

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Several inmates were injured during another disturbance at the troubled City Justice Center this weekend.

City spokesman Nick Dunne said that roughly a dozen inmates attacked four others about 12:30 a.m. Saturday while they were in a recreation area on the fourth floor. The victims of the attack were taken to a hospital, and the inmates whom officials could determine had been involved in the attack were transferred to St. Louis’ old city jail, known as the workhouse.

The city said officers had used chemical spray to regain control of the area where the attack took place.

The latest disturbance was the seventh in the past eight months at the downtown jail, including three in the last month. In early August about 120 inmates were temporarily moved back to the workhouse after some of them jimmied locks to escape from their cells.

Detainees have slipped out of their cells several times in recent months, including in February when about 115 detainees took control of the fourth floor and set fires, clogged toilets, flooded parts of the floor and caused other damage.

In April, detainees escaped their cells to protest conditions at the jail and demand court dates after court proceedings were delayed by the cOVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

City officials continue to work on making needed upgrades to the downtown jail, including upgrading the locks.

As of Saturday night, the downtown jail held 432 people while 99 were being held at the workhouse, according to the city website. The downtown jail has the capacity to hold 658, but two 66-person units are currently not being used while they are being upgraded.

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