Opinion: In suspension of Reign Night Club’s liquor license, what is really going on?

The way I see it, if the Reign Night Club and its owner are being targeted and penalized, the baseball stadium and Ball Park Village should be held accountable for the car jackings, robberies, stabbings, murders and hit-and-run accidents that have occurred after the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals games.  

This is only one example of holding businesses accountable for what happens outside of their establishments, where they have no control whatsoever. Equal treatment of all downtown businesses should be the mindset of city government. 

Maybe Reign could use more qualified, experienced management; but what new small business doesn’t?  Reign must be given the opportunity to grow and function as a good neighbor and provider of night time entertainment for all who visit downtown St. Louis. 

The St. Louis Excise Commissioner took only several hours after a hearing to revoke the liquor license of Reign based on circumstantial evidence presented by the city’s Counselor’s Office.  No perpetrator of any of the crimes being committed in any of the videos the Counselor’s Office presented to the Excise Board were visitors or patrons of the Reign Night Club.

Talk about unfair business practices … What is really going on here?

The really sad point of all of this is, how many Reign employees are out of work, and how is the owner of Reign expected to pay the alleged delinquent rent payments? 

The mayor, who is a black woman and has promoted black businesses, as well as black women-owned businesses particularly, need to be questioned on this particular situation and the questionable business processes of the Excise Commissioner. 

Is the mayor behind this action, or is this just an example of a hold-over appointee doing what they have been doing for years?

– David L. Jackson Jr., Former president of the St. Louis Board of Education; former commissioner of the Tax Increment Financing Commission; small minority business consultant

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