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Ex-officer gets a year and a day in beating of undercover colleague

ST. LOUIS – Former city police officer Dustin Boone was sentenced Monday to twelve months and one day in prison for his part in the beating of undercover city police detective Luther Hall during a protest in 2017. Boone was found guilty in June after a nine-day trial. 

Boone, 37, of St. Louis, appeared before U.S. District Court Judge E. Richard Webber. The charge was aiding and abetting the deprivation of civil rights under color of law.  

Luther Hall

The evidence during the trial proved that Boone assisted then-Officer Randy Hays in assaulting Hall, who was undercover during the protests following the acquittal of former police officer Jason Stockley.

Bailey Colletta previously pleaded guilty to making false statements to a federal grand jury and was sentenced to probation.  Hays, who had earlier pleaded guilty to his role in the matter, was sentenced to a 52-month term of imprisonment. Christopher Myers’ case is still pending. 

Boone, Hays, Colletta and Myers are all white; Hall is Black.

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