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22nd Judicial Circuit Court begins publishing monthly pretrial data reports 

ST. LOUIS – The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri, which serves the city of St. Louis, is making monthly pretrial data reports available to the public for the first time. 

The first of these new reports, which cover information garnered from pretrial hearings held in Division 16B in November and December 2021 and January 2022, are already available on the Court’s website

Moving forward, additional monthly reports will be published in this same location and on the Court’s social media platforms after all relevant data are collected, reviewed and verified. 

“The Court recognizes there’s often significant interest in the City’s pretrial population – criminal defendants who have been ordered detained and/or released back into the  community before their case is resolved,” said Jacob Long, Chief Communications Officer for the 22nd Judicial Circuit. “With these reports, the Court is demonstrating in the  aggregate a level of transparency around the types of decisions judges are required to make and the rules and statutes they’re required to follow.” 

The reports, which are prepared by Court staff and designed for information-sharing purposes only, provide a detailed snapshot of the number of new criminal cases that enter the local criminal justice system, the level and types of charges involved, the number of defendants ordered detained pretrial and the number of defendants released pretrial, the various conditions the Court has imposed for pretrial releases, and other related details. 

“These reports equip the public with factual information so they better understand some  of the functions of their local judiciary and demonstrate how judges try to apply the law  and balance the presumption of innocence, due process rights of the accused, and the safety of the community at large,” Long added. 

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