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Former Rep. Cora Faith Walker died of heart condition, medical examiner finds

Former state Rep. Cora Faith Walker died from a heart condition, the St. Louis Medical Examiner has found.

Walker, 37, was an aide to St. Louis County Executive Sam Page. She died March 11 after collapsing in a hallway at the Loews Hotel downtown. Earlier that evening she had attended a birthday party at Neo on Locust Street for Mayor Tishaura Jones, who was a friend.

Medical Examiner Michael Graham said Walker’s toxicology report showed no illegal drugs, only prescription drugs that were “all expected to be there in the amounts we would expect to see. There were no illicit substances found.”

He said Walker had succumbed to a heart condition called non-ischemic cardiomyopathy.

“It’s a disease of the heart muscle,” Graham said. “It usually affects older people with high blood pressure, but she did not have high blood pressure.

“We don’t know why some people develop it. Hers was a fairly mild form. It essentially short-circuited the electrical system in her heart, causing an arrhythmia,” he explained.

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